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Why is reputation important?

The user has a need to purchase a particular product or service.
He already knows what he wants, but who can buy it from? Let's look in the search results.
The user views information about products, services, and companies. They see articles, reviews, reviews, and explore forums and social networks. All this is a collection of resources and opinions that we can influence as part of reputation management.

How do we do this?

- Daily monitoring of mentions on the Internet, wherever they are
- Reacting to the negative in order to level it, working out each necessary mention
- SERM, or manipulations in search results in order to form a visible zone only from those resources that are beneficial to us.
- SMRM – placement and promotion of articles, blogging and social networks in the format of groups of reviews and suggestions, creating satellite sites used as landing pages for negative content.
- Work with the ratings or the placement of reviews on otzoviki and geo-services


Reputation management for a furniture manufacturer
What was it originally?
- Problematic in all respects visible issue area;
- Average rating on trust reviews 2.2-2.4 stars;
- Periodic outbursts of negativity in the company's official communities and forums;
- Out of 10 resources in the visible zone, 6 were negative;
- The situation worsened over time, especially with the company's ratings.

What was done to correct the situation?

- Constant work on placing reviews, as a result of which the average rating is close to positive 4 stars;
- Displacement of 3 negative resources from the visible zone due to articles and blogs. Two more resources already have a positive tone, and the last one is neutral;
- Constant monitoring and response to mentions still help to extinguish the centers of negativity at the stage of their appearance;
  • As a result, the company's attractiveness for already "warmed up" potential customers has been significantly increased.

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