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Why does everyone need ratings so much?

Many law firms grumble about how much time they have to spend preparing. Despite this, everyone is well aware of the value of the "line" in the rating.

Clients of legal services are guided by the list of the best companies when choosing a consultant. The rating system began to develop actively in Russia in 2012, when foreign ratings began to make lists in this jurisdiction. Currently, most clients use ratings to evaluate firms by specific branches of law and areas of activity.

Imagine that you are a corporate lawyer for a clothing and footwear retailer. Legal issues that you face – customs law, disputes in court, taxes, real estate. Your company has introduced mandatory labeling of products with unique trademarks and QR codes. Which legal adviser will you contact sooner? Of course, you will be looking for a specialist in the field of retail, customs, and tax law.

The second point is that mention in certain rating groups (usually called tiers) is often a mandatory requirement for participation in large tenders.

The third factor is the growth of competition in the legal market and the simultaneous tightening of the rating policy. The total number of players in the Russian legal market exceeds 25 thousand companies. At the same time, only a hundred companies are nominated for ratings. Chambers noted 115 companies in the latest issue. At the same time, The Legal 500 nominated 109 companies, and in the past 118 companies - that is, 9 companies did not count their awards.

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