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Good work with the newsletters affect:

1. The number of applications
- some people on your site will subscribe to the newsletter, but will not leave their phone number to be contacted

2. sales Department Conversion
- some people will have doubts and objections before contacting You, the newsletter will be able to dispel them

3. The number of sales
someone on your website put items in the shopping cart, but not pay and go, but mailing it will be "finished"

4. Revenue at the box office
- we get more customers to the sales Department, and accordingly, the revenue becomes more without additional costs

5. the cost of attracting 1 client
- spending 200 thousand a month on advertising and getting 20 clients, each one will cost you 10 thousand

Distribution of the same traffic will help to make 5 additional sales that will make the client's price 200/25=8K

Now what you need to do:

1. To collect a database of e-mail addresses in order to send them the right content

2. To prepare the core content (what and why we want to send, not forgetting the segmentation).

3. Prepare and issue letters for mailing (packaging)

4. To provide technical configuration services for sending emails

5. To automate the collection of database and sending emails to make it work on autopilot.

We provide a comprehensive service for developing an email marketing strategy. Write to us and we will give you a free consultation and help you attract a new audience and increase sales.
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